Richpeace Multiple Material Automatic Cutting Machine


Cutting and plotting for flexible materials of garment, shoes & cap, bag, home textile, furniture, home furnishing, car, vessel and aviation industries.


Richpeace Automatic Hotfix Ironing Machine

RPFP-NM-UB-1 Series

Used in many industries, such as garment (underwear and shoe), trade mark, automotive, plastic and rubber, and home product industries.Through the ironing process, it can adhere and connect fiber cotton, weaving fabric, leather material, and plastic and rubber material, and position multilayer materials. Also used in leather and foam materials, recognizing different materials in an intelligent way, without any adhesive, no damage on the surface of the material.


Richpeace Magic Inkjet Plotter (Second Generation )


Garment, Gloves, Bags & Luggage, Shoes, Home Textile etc.


Richpeace Magic Inkjet Plotter

RPSP-NM-ID-1 Series

Garment, Gloves, Bags & Luggage, Shoes, Home Textile etc.


Richpeace Photographing Digitizer


Clothing, toys, bags, automotive interiors, medical fabrics, knitted fabrics, denim fabrics, fabrics and leather


Richpeace Digitizer


Garment Manufacturing, Fashion Design, Mapping, Mining, Punching and Environment Protection.


Richpeace Computer Automatic Quadrilateral Packaging Machine


automatic edging and trademark operation of the core, bed cover, mattress protection pad and other products


Richpeace Automatic 4-Side Edge Sewing Machine


Duvet, Quilt Cover, Bed hats, Mattresses protector, Mattresses, Blankets ect.


Richpeace Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine with Lifting Head

RPCQ-ST series

This machine is widely used for producing all kinds of bedding products, such as: bed quilts, comforters, bed cover, bed mat, sleeping bags, mattress cover, sofa cover etc.


Richpeace rotary head precision quilting machine - duvet special machine


Application: suitable for duvet, health care, sewing of down sleeping bags


Richpeace Automatic Bidirectional Positive Stitch Sewing Machine



Richpeace Multi-Needle High Speed Rotary Hook Quilting Machine

RPQC-NM Series

This machine is a high speed local stitch quilting machine, suitable for mass production of quilts, bed cover, comforters, etc. , able to connect with fiber line produce quilts automatically. Good for mattress cover quilting as well