Single Needle Quilting


Richpeace Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine with Lifting Head

RPCQ-ST series

This machine is widely used for producing all kinds of bedding products, such as: bed quilts, comforters, bed cover, bed mat, sleeping bags, mattress cover, sofa cover etc.


Richpeace Computerized Single Needle Automatic Quilting Machine(Continuous Feeding)


Automatic production for mattress cover, mattress top, pad, quilts, comforters, blanket, and other bedding products.


Richpeace Blanket Sewing Machine


This machine is widely used for quilts, quilt cover, blanket, etc.


Frame computer quilting machine (lift head)


Suitable for silk quilts, blankets, silk quilts, duvets and other textile products


Richpeace Double-Layer Single Needle Automatic Quilting Machine


Suitable for single needle pattern of quilt core, sleeping bag, blanket and mattress quilting