Multi-Needle Quilting


Richpeace Mattress Protector Automatic Overlock Sewing Machine


Suitable for the processing of mattress protector, with automatic sewing rubber band, automatic alignment, feeding, and material detection functions.


Richpeace Computer Automatic Quadrilateral Packaging Machine


automatic edging and trademark operation of the core, bed cover, mattress protection pad and other products


Richpeace Automatic 4-Side Edge Sewing Machine


Duvet, Quilt Cover, Bed hats, Mattresses protector, Mattresses, Blankets ect.


Richpeace Multi-Needle High Speed Rotary Hook Quilting Machine

RPQC-NM Series

This machine is a high speed local stitch quilting machine, suitable for mass production of quilts, bed cover, comforters, etc. , able to connect with fiber line produce quilts automatically. Good for mattress cover quilting as well


Richpeace Computerized Multi-needle Shuttle Quilting Machine


This machine is widely used for quilting high quality quilt,garment, bed cover, mattress cover, seat cover and other household ornaments.


Richpeace Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine


This machine is widely used for quilting high quality mattress, quilt cover and other household ornaments.


Computerized Double Saddle Quiliting Machine


Application:Suitable for the single head quilting patterns of Mattress, Duvet, blanket, mattress protector


Richpeace inside seam stitching machine with four edges.


It is especially suitable for large-scale production of inner seams, low cost, one-time molding, and the quilting process can be entered after the mouth is turned over.


Richepeace Automatic Ultrasonic Qulting Machine


Machine adopts the latest ultrasonic controller box, with strong and stable power, suitable for long-term continuous operation; the built-in multi-circuit ultrasonic protection system ensures the safety and stable operation of the main machine.