Richpeace Single color Automatic Perforation and Sewing Machine


Richpeace Automatic Single color Perforation and Sewing Machine is intelligent and multi-function "process center", mostly used at aerospace, car interiors and home furniture, etc.


Richpeace Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine (Heavy Material)


Application areas: baby quilts, cotton clothing, baby seats, sofas, bags and other products.


Richpeace Automatic Single Needle Universal Rotary Sewing Machine


Suitable for the production of high-end custom clothing, sewn garments, down jackets, etc.


Richpeace Computerized Perforation,Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Applications: Car leather seats, foot pads, air seats, leather furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothing etc.


Richpeace Computerized Large Scale Flat Embroidery Machine


Embroidery Application Large clothing, curtains, bedding, crafts, etc.


Richpeace Automatic Double-needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine


Application: Suitable for car seat, car airbag, car interior, furniture, home textile, ship, aviation, etc.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing (Laser) Machine


Sewing and cutting of clothing fabrics, eg single-layer fabrics, doublelayer fabrics with thin cotton, single-layer leather, etc.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine for Garment


Application: Garment parts(threshold, zipper, pocket, shoulder loop, sleeve kraft) one-time automatic sewing, down jacket, cotton clothing automatic sewing


Richpeace Computerized Lace Embroidery Machine

RPCE-FN series

Apply for Sari, water soluble, curtains, lace etc.


Richpeace Computerized Single Needle Automatic Quilting Machine(Continuous Feeding)


Automatic production for mattress cover, mattress top, pad, quilts, comforters, blanket, and other bedding products.


Richpeace Two Heads Automatic Sewing Machine (Heavy Material)


Application: All kinds of thick material or leather material sewing, such as: car seat pattern sewing, baby pushchair, children safety chair, sofa bed, furniture upholstery, backpack, shoes, handbag, etc.


Richpeace Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine (Enhance Model for Thin Material)


Application: Garments parts(collar, flap, cuff, front fly, zipper etc.), down jacket, winter clothes sewing, cushion cover home textile sewing production.