Richpeace Automatic Bobbin Winder Machine

According to bobbin size


Quilting / Embroidery Machine

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Product Introduction

Performance characteristics

  • Automatic sending bobbin function, with the empty bobbin detection and alarm;

  • Automatic thread trimming function; 

  • 80-130 bobbin can be put one time, and it can complete winding automatically without operation and supervision;

  • Reduce the probability of the deformation of the bobbin, adjusting the meter of the bobbin thread once winding;  

  • Winding speed is 15 second per piece,no need add any oil for upkeep. 

  • Machine operation is very simple,bobbin tidiness and thread length same,reducing thread waste;

  • The special automatic thread return function, saved manual thread return operation time. Let operator have more time do other thing.


        Product Advantage

  • 1/3 longer than ordinary bobbin

  • Extended the time to change the bobbin

  • Improve the produces quality

  • Reduce the cost of bobbin

  • Reduce the labor cost

  • Improve the production efficiency

    The machine Advantage

        Under the simple operation, automatic bobbin winder machine, it is can automatically trimming and  send the bobbin once finished winding thread. Reduce the labor cost and material cost, improve the production efficiency, solve many problem during today's society labor shortage, create higher profits for the enterprise, it is sewing machine and embroidery machine best assistant equipment .